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Yondr and Phone Policy

No Cell

The “Yondr it, or We See it, We Take it” policy is in place for all students, and is expected to be followed by all students. 

In response to the growing trend of all students carrying mobile phones, and to ensure that we are holding students accountable for their choices, we are instituting an electronic device confiscation policy that includes the option of students placing their phones in a Yondr cell phone pouch. Students will place their cell phones in a Yondr pouch, which will then be locked and secured. This will allow students to be able to carry their phones on their person and in their belongings without allowing student access to the phone during school hours. Students who do not place their mobile phone in a Yondr pouch at the beginning of the day will be expected to keep the phone away and silent at all times. 

If a phone is seen by any staff member, that staff member is expected to approach students in violation of the “Yondr it, or We See it, We Take it” policy and ask them to hand over their phone. Phones collected from students in violation of this policy should be provided to Mr. Camacho. A parent / guardian will be required to come in to pick up the confiscated item. Teachers should not hold onto phones at any time; phones should be given ASAP to Mr. Camacho.

Option #1: 

Student “Yondrs” the phone at the beginning of the day. Students will keep their “Yondred” phones with them throughout the school day. At dismissal, the student may “un-Yondr” their phone at the school assistants’ desks (located at either end of the main hallway), with Mr. Camacho. 

Option #2: 

The student does not Yondr the phone and you see the phone (not in the Yondr pouch):

Student Hands Over Item: 

If you confiscate a cell phone, electronic device or other item from a student, you MUST SECURE that item until you are able to personally hand deliver it to Mr. Camacho. Specifically, you must lock that item up in your classroom/ office and cannot leave it out and unattended. Once you have confiscated an item, you become responsible for it while it is in your possession. 

To hand deliver a confiscated item to Mr. Camacho, you can either ask a School Assistant to come to your classroom/office to retrieve it, or you can bring it to Mr. Camacho’s office to deliver it. 

Student Refusal to Hand Over Item: 

If you give a student a clear direction to give you their phone/ electronic device and they refuse, you are to notify the school assistants in your cluster, and communicate immediately with Mr. Camacho, or 

Ms. Guajardo, who will respond to the classroom to address the issue. 

Yondr Pouch

Yondr Pouch Yondr Pouch Yondr Pouch