Student Government

Student Government Members

PresidentIsabela Santafe


VP – Miranda Fox

Treasurer – Aichatta Sylla

Secretary – Mia Ramirez

7th Grade Reps: Joshua Green

Student Government Advisor: Eva Ackerman – Individual and Society Teacher

Student Government Roles and Responsibilities

President & Vice President:

  • Co-leaders of the student government.

  • President does not vote, but casts the tie-breaking vote if need be.

  • Vice President leads SGA in President’s absence.

  • Responsible for leading the government, discussing student needs with the staff, and publicizing SGA efforts.


  • Handles the finances of the SGA

  • Responsible for managing budget (if any) and tracking where our money from fundraising is spent.


  • Organizes the SGA.

  • Takes notes during meetings, tracks all SGA events, and ensures the history of the SGA is kept and organized.